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Understanding Your Child's Unique Needs

Specialized Babysitters For Autistic Children  

Certified & Compassionate

Babysitters Supporting Autistic Children

Autism Babysitters is a boutique agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are babysitters for autistic children. Each babysitter is certified by the BACB as an RBT or a BCBA. They are trained to engage children, manage behavior, and teach skills. We utilize naturalistic ABA principles while providing respite to your family. 

Hide and Seek
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The Benefits 

Dedicated Babysitters for ASD Children

Professionals trained to manage behaviors.

Encouraging and engaging babysitters.

Experience with non-verbal children.

Supported by naturalistic teaching styles. 

Flexible scheduling availability. 

2 Siblings for the price of one.

What We Offer

  • 30 min


  • 3 hr

    100 US dollars

  • 5 hr

    160 US dollars

  • 8 hr

    300 US dollars

  • 24 hr


  • 3 hr

    65 US dollars

Community Support

Autism Babysitters exists to support the community. We offer face painting and more sensory fun at our booths. Autism Babysitters also partners with organizations to provide sensory rooms and skilled support. 


Get them off their screens and into some fun today! 

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