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Autism Babysitters

Welcome to the first agency in Atlanta for children with autism.

Created to give you the freedom you need by people who are passionate, qualified, and called to serve. 


Spectrum Sitters

You Can Trust

Autism Babysitters is a boutique agency created to enhance the quality of life for families and children with ASD. Each babysitter holds years of experience in the field and must pass a background check every six months. Most importantly, we practice active communication between families and staff.



Improving the quality of life for families of children on the spectrum. 


With this service, we will watch your kiddos wherever you would like. We will play with them as much as they allow us to, keep them safe, and assist with acts of daily living ( feeding, toileting, etc.) as needed. 


This year, you are taking that trip. The kids are coming along, and it really will be fine. Just take our babysitting services on the road with you! Autism Babysitters is prepared to travel and be the best helping hand.


Party Mode Activated! Our party buffers will accompany your kiddo to the party, help them participate as much as they desire to, and facilitate the sensory breaks as needed.