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Trusted Spectrum Sitters  

Traditional Babysitting Services 


For You..

Working During Lunch

While You Work

Work with less stress! We will keep the kiddo engaged and handle the acts of daily living (eating, toileting, etc.) as needed.

Grocery Shopping

You Need to Shop

Run those errands, but please come back! Enjoy the breath of fresh air and dashing through the streets to tackle that long list of To Do's. 


When You Play

Being social is great for your health. Enjoy your time guilt-free with a babysitter for autism specifically in your corner.


Hello, Self Care?

Doctor appointments, beauty treatments, medical procedures, and mental health are a few things you no longer have to sacrifice. Book it, we'll keep the kids.

For Them..


 Skill Building

We bring the fun and so many ways to learn at every skill level. Using things like behavior momentum, kiddos are more likely to work towards something new.


Behavior Management

Are we escaping a task like going potty or are we playing hide and seek? Let us work through it and flex our skills should a tantrum arise for any reason.



We can encourage, supervise, and prompt as much as you desire to help your kiddo accomplish those goals. 


Natural Environment

Sometimes a kid wants to be a kid in their own space, doing things their own way. That is perfectly okay. We will do our best to keep them fed and hydrated. We will even ask if we can join the fun!

Schedule a consultation

Shoot us a quick ping below with your info. We will be in touch to schedule a no-cost consultation!

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