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ABA Parent Training

Autism Babysitters is committed to supporting families of children with ASD. Neurodivergent children benefit from learning and interacting in different ways. We have created a Parent Training Series to help assess skill level, address behaviors, and so much more.


Every child on the spectrum is beautifully unique. Autism Babysitters accepts every challenge and skill level. ABA principles are used consistently because proper application can be life changing. The skills discussed in the Parent Training Series are impactful. The series will walk you through the first few weeks of clinical ABA therapy, the assessments used, and the different methods used during sessions. It is highly recommended to have the help of a BCBA when utilizing this program.


When behaviors are a hinderance, we address those first. Managing behaviors allows us to explore and expand their skills. Learn how to manage behaviors with the ABC module. 

Specialized for ASD Children Ages 2 - 12

Learn the Basics of ABA and Skills Including: 



Behavior Management

Take a closer look into the assessments used for elementary age children starting ABA services. These include VB-Mapps, EESL and more. 

No one works for free, and everyone is motivated by something. Pairing with a child, discovering their motivators and utilizing them in a specific manner is a key factor in the success of an RBT. Copy their ways to increase your rate of success in motivating your child to do a range of things.

To increase, reduce, or eliminate behaviors, we look its functions. This is broken down into the ABC method. What happens before, during, and after the behavior? What is the behavior reinforcing? Is it manageable?


Skill Building

&& More 

A comprehensive lesson on the skill of speaking. Learn how professionals break down sounds and where to start. Sometimes the journey begins with encouraging mouth movement. Then we can move to echoics before progressing to many more levels. 

Uncover the two popular methods of skill teaching. Learn what it means to teach in a natural environment vs a more structured setting. See what momentum can do for children while learning.

The course has 8 modules in total. Once purchased, you have a lifetime access so you may brush up on your new skills and stay encouraged. Click here to begin. 

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